I've always believed in people. Still do. I believe that most folks are well meaning, and when paying attention and well informed, want to do the right thing. However, too many good people, in too many circumstances, are not paying attention, not well informed and are vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation by others. As as a result we wind up with considerable community and institutional dysfunction.

When I finally "got it." In recent years, I participated in or paid attention to many conferences, institutes, and other forums where the best and brightest gathered to discuss the greatest issues of the day. There were wonderful multi-media presentations, self-congratulatory receptions, photo-ops and great takeaway souvenirs. I thought these forums were a big deal and I felt like a big deal for participating. However, I noticed over time that the comparative trendlines of the U.S. to many other countries in those key issues (education, healthcare, environment, responsible governance, economic vitality, social justice, civic engagement, etc.) were negative. When I asked myself "What's wrong with this picture?", the answer came rather quickly, just like the song title. "Too much talk, not enough action." Thus, my challenge to myself,  my friends and others of "What Do We Do Monday?" My response is The Mosey Project.


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