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Be Informed. Consider your information sources. Make sure you're seeking a diversity of expertise and opinions. It's normal to settle in to those info sources that reinforce our own opinions. But that fact helps create the tremendously polarized society we experience today. The better informed we are, the better to affirm our beliefs or modify them as we gather more facts. And, we're less likely to accept "facts" too easily without examination.

Be a Catalyst for Constructive Conversation. Seek opportunities to spark substantive conversations. I meet with a group of guys on a regular basis, and we always talk some guy talk. Usually sports, hunting and health. But we try to take time to discuss the issues of the day. Politics, elections, world events, finance, etc. We learn about ourselves, each other and the world through such discussion. Be mindful of opportunities to be a catalyst for good conversation at home, at your workplace and in community.

Choose Your Issues Wisely. It's easy to be overwhelmed with the myriad of concerns and issues and opportunities at any point in time. We often become discouraged with the magnitude of challenges and wind up doing little or nothing because we feel inadequate to the task. I suggest you choose one or two issues of most interest to you. ( education, environment, health, social justice, civic engagement, etc.) Identify other individuals and organizations associated with those issues. Concentrate your time on becoming informed and joining with others where you might have a better impact. You'll have a much more rewarding experience if you focus your energies. Start slowly to gain your community sea legs before you accept or ask for a board position. Make sure these are the issues and organizations that truly matter to you.

It Starts at Home. Constructive community building starts with your friend in the mirror. Consider what you're doing to influence a better community. How can you work with your family, friends and work colleagues to make a positive difference? How can you be a role model for children and young adults? How can you model those behaviors in your home, neighborhood and workplace? Your commitment starts with you. Pledge to make a difference.

It Develops in Community. Let's create positive energy for the community conscience. Take our individual concerns and gifts and invest ourselves in community. Most communities have a number of organizations with whom you can affiliate to address your concerns or realize some dreams. Public schools, colleges/universities, faith-based organizations, non-profits representing many issues. Note the "Choose Your Issues" section above to help your consideration.

Stay Tuned. The Mosey Blog has constructive ideas for home, office, neighborhood and community.

Slow Down. Pay Attention. Be Informed. Make a Difference.  

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