The Preface, Y’all

It has been a rite of passage that Bullock men would be sent out to track, encounter and document a sighting of the Legendary Great White Buffalo. This would happen on or about April 1st of the selected year. The following is the first public revelation of my personal experience. The elusive animal is known to roam the Great Plains of Oklahoma, Nebraska and Eastern Colorado. Thus, my first stop was with my Oklahoma Cousin Gaspard.

Cousin Gaspard

I’d always liked Gaspard, my first cousin, thrice removed. I envied his high-tone lifestyle. Living Large. His country estate, private swimming pool, an abundance of adoring starlets. Most impressive to this somewhat sheltered boy from West Texas. His playboy lifestyle reeked of money. He said he was “in sales.” He didn’t say what. I admit I was curious, but really didn’t want to know.


My Traveling Companions

Knowing that this might be a rigorous adventure, I enlisted the aid of my trusted horse “Lightning” and my loyal dog “Dammit” (a great name when you want a quick response). When I was over-medicated, Lightning had a great sense of direction, and Dammit could be counted on to assume the driving responsibilities.


Critical Supplies

I had major weight limitations, so chose my supplies carefully. Had plenty of condensed Red Bull, lots of Peppermint Patties, and all the makings for Hondo’s Cowboy Fish Dinner. Well-rounded fare for the intrepid outdoorsman (or gal).


An Alarming Discovery

I knew that others were hoping to tap my wisdom and keen sense of observation gained from this unique outdoor trek. I’d have to say that my revelation as to the impacts of global warming was one of my most powerful discoveries. This photo effectively captures the impact of climate change on our precious wildlife. Dammit had barked nervously as we approached a grove of trees, and I looked carefully to see this bizarre buck, a victim of environmental degradation. I wept for us, the buck, and Al Gore.


The Ultimate Encounter

Awakening on Day 3, I sensed that this was my day of discovery. The sighting of The Great White Buffalo. There were several unusual prompts. I’d camped next to a small watering hole and tied Lightning to a nearby tree. The usually patient horse was nervously stomping the ground, while Dammit uttered a low growl when looking to the West. They were ready to lead me to some yet unknown surprise.

I carefully saddled Lightning, split the last Peppermint Pattie with Dammit, fortified my bravity with two shots of courage and mounted up. I quietly headed West, carefully negotiating the thicket to protect legs without chaps. After about 50 yards, my animal friends’ behaviors affirmed that we were nearing our goal. I dismounted, removed my camera’s lens cap and walked carefully through the brush. As I emerged from the thicket, my breath was taken away. There he was! The amazing Legendary White Buffalo, seldom seen by anyone, staring at me with eyes that reflected the history of a bygone era. I was humbled and spellbound. I had finally encountered this magnificent animal. His surprise mirrored mine, and I knew I had to act quickly. I raised my camera, got off a couple of shots, and he turned his powerful frame to move out of frame…perhaps never to be seen again. I dropped to my knees and wept. No, not with pent-up emotion. I wept because one knee was in a fire-ant bed.

This stunning image documents my rare encounter and establishes my bona fides with the few other Bullock men who’ve striven to make this powerful connection. I’ll reflect on this day for many to come, and hope I can inspire future generations to risk all to carry on this hallowed tradition. The search for THE GREAT WHITE BUFFALO.


An April Oneth Mosey Close

Happy April 1nth, Mosey Pals! Remember, we can’t stop the aging process, but we can choose to be immature forever. Life’s gonna be tough occasionally, so you’ve got to learn to laugh at yourself, be silly, have fun, embarrass your children and grandchildren and not take your self or life too seriously. You’ll have lots of time to be serious. Strive to counter that with some healthy, happy, occasionally joyful balance. You, your family and friends will be glad you did.